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Monday, April 18, 2011

Your iPersonic Type: The Individualistic Doer

Individualistic Doers are self-assured and very independent people. They are quiet and realistic, very rational, extremely matter of fact people. They strongly cultivate their individualism and enjoy applying their abilities to new tasks. But they are also very spontaneous and impulsive persons who like to follow their sudden inspirations. Individualistic Doers are good and precise observers who register everything which goes on around them. However, they are not so sensitive as regards interpersonal relations and are surprised when they occasionally rub someone up the wrong way with their direct and blunt manner. They are not particularly fond of obligations; but if you give them space, they are uncomplicated, sociable and cheerful individuals.

Individualistic Doers enjoy challenges - action and the odd kick are simply part of their life. They love tempting fate and many people of this type have risky hobbies such as skydiving or bungee jumping. This also applies to their workday life. Individualistic Doers are in top form in critical situations; they can grasp situations, make decisions and take the necessary steps extremely quickly. Hierarchies and authorities impress them very little; if a superior is not competent, they will have little respect for him. Individualistic Doers like to take on responsibility. They have a marked sense of reality and always find the most suitable and expedient solution for a problem. They resolve conflicts openly and directly; here, they sometimes lack tact but are also very good at taking criticism themselves.

If one wanted to characterize you with one word, it would probably be “independent.” Few types are as freedom loving and individualistic as you (nomen est omen.) You should find a working environment where rules and structures play a secondary role, where the hierarchies are flat and where you won’t be limited to detailed projects and work flows. Your freedom to act cannot be large enough as far as you are concerned. You want to deal with things in the way you think it makes sense; how they relate to your own (high) standards and you don’t need others telling you how things must be done.

Titles and established authorities don’t impress you in the least. If someone is competent in your eyes, you have no problem occasionally listening to him/her. If he/she is not, there is no way that you’ll obey his/her instructions just because he/she has got a sign with “department manager” hanging on their door. Furthermore, you are all for equal rights and would prefer that everybody have the same rights.

Deadlines and obligation are just as much anathema to you as is long-term planning. In regulated and hierarchic environments, your direct manner can also get you into trouble. Not all bosses appreciate constructive criticism. Could it be that you already got into trouble in school because you did not feeling like learning something because you believed it to be irrelevant? It is almost impossible for you to silently put up with a dreadful situation in order to avoid conflict. In not too conservative and authoritarian settings, your contribution will probably be more appreciated than in other traditional professional environments.

Self-employment is not the worst alternative, because then you are less dependent on the decision of others and satisfied in your need for freedom. Your zest for risks and resistance to crises as well as your pronounced sense of responsibility and sensational capabilities as a tactician predestine you for that. Here, it is very important that you specifically surround yourself with a few more levelheaded collaborators who can put the brakes on when your calculations and ventures get too careless. You are by far the most daring of all personalities and always ready to challenge fate whenever you feel like it: You are the kind of person who jumps out of an airplane and is confident that he/she will surely come across a parachute anywhere on the way down!

Sunday, January 02, 2011


Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010

Monday, October 12, 2009

exam blue @.@

wtf .. soooooooooo blue

zZz ... ...

Monday, October 05, 2009

HO -- iii -- SHI

4 oct went to Hoshi @ IMM to eat the beloved japanese food. xD

salmon~~ bellly sashimi, feel so gddd ..

Sunday, October 04, 2009

days past just like tat

projects went on & on & on ... so inefficient in dealing with them...

1 weeks break in between..

29 August @ west coast
kite festival,

.......... den project went on & on & on & on ...
end of sem 4 projects

25 September
sl bdae celebration @ Lunar,

26 September
woke up a few hours later, feel like bball-ing; gather the numbers and had the muscles worked out.. haha ... nice games..

27 September
finally a k session after many many months.. haha..
the 王妃

03 October, 中秋节
steamboat-ing at seow hse.. fulllllllllllll
kio-ing better ho liao than the rest.. xD
all ingredients and dishes hand-made. goooooooooood

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

sis advance celebration

8 aug

an advance 21st bade celebration by sis. soooo many ppl came, and the hse was crowded. alot of food by the catering.. and her fren's wii.
Big brownie cake with additional ice-cream provided for the guests (but very thirsty cos of the sweetness of the brownie).
nice celebration =]

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

chalet, surprise, sabotaging

31 jul - 2 aug

a chalet is organised for HBT bdae and wj belated bdae celebration cum a gathering session.
1st nite, went all the way to lao pa sa (=.=) for a supper from downtown east and had some photo taking sessions near the area.

2nd day was a preparation for a showdown in the evening!!! din do much things except eat and went to shop for bbq stuffs. went back to downtown east to continue gather the essentials of making water bombs.
the idea started from:
HBT "angered" val.. HBT wanna surprise val.. approach the innocent me.. wan me to plan on val.. but i decided to reverse the plan on HBT.. telling val and plan an assualt on HBT. xD

haha.. prep ard 30+ bombs and some power+McDonald's peper & salt. hid the bombs in the cardboard and took out 1/3 of them for the 1st attack!!! water splashes here and there.. thinking tat was all for the bomb, HBT went into bathroom for some cleanup.. 2nd ATTACK launched in the bathroom!!! hahahaha ...

continued bbq-ing, and all gathered to play some card games. den HBT cant take the power mixture and went into the bathroom to cleanup AGAIN!! hahaha ... a 3rd ASSUALT launched!!!! finally, all drenched xD... ALOT OF BOMBS!!!

went for a grp walk ard the nearby park and went back to chalet. haha .. more bombs pls xD

Friday, July 17, 2009

another note

a note from a fren:

"有人说: 如果你不爱一个人,请放手,好让别人有机会去爱他/她。。。 有的东西,你再喜欢也不会属于你的。。。 有的东西,你再留恋也注定要放弃。。。 人生中。。。 有许多种爱,但别让爱成为一种伤害。。。 我选择沉默。。。 当一个男人为一个女人而哭了,那说明了他真的爱了。。。 当一个女人为一个男人而哭了,那说明了她真的放弃了。。。"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

all in malaysia

27 june

went to genting.. reached genting at midnite with no rooms, so we nid to roam ard the place with nth much to see and settle ourselves at coffeebean's sofa for a nice "nap". while theres still time before checking in, caught a movie "BLOOD", soooooo bloodily lame movie; but the massage chair did its job =D .. watch a midnite movie of Transformers 2, hypnotised by the overly spinning actions in addition to the tired mind @.@ ......

went to the amusment park, nice weather..

11 jul

JB trip with m05s.. finally an outing with cy after so many years.. haha ... shop in city sq where all the shops owners seems to be cy's fren.. hahah ...

k session at some mall further in with free buffet which is ending soon..
and had dinner at some dining place till 10+pm b4 heading back to sg.